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10 Best Urdu Novels of all Time

Best Urdu Novels

If you are a fan of Urdu literature and need to read some of the most satisfactory Urdu novels of all time,

then you definitely have come to the right location. In this blog publication, I will share with you my

private list of the top 10 Urdu novels that you have to read before you die. These novels aren’t only

famous for their captivating stories, but additionally for their literary excellence and cultural


Here are best Urdu novels of all time:

1. Peer-e-Kamil:

This is one of the maximum famous and iconic Urdu novels using Umera Ahmed, who is a prolific and

flexible creator. The novel revolves around the nonsecular journey of characters, Imama and Salaar, who

belong to specific backgrounds and ideologies, but are destined to meet and have an impact on every

different. The novel explores the subject matters of affection, religion, sacrifice, and redemption in a

captivating way.

2. Mushaf:

This is any other masterpiece via Nemrah Ahmed, who is acknowledged for her specific and tasty fashion

of writing. The novel tells the tale of Mehmal, a young female who is orphaned and abandoned by means

of her relatives. She reveals solace in studying the Mushaf (the Quran), which courses her through the

hardships and demanding situations of existence. The novel is a mix of thriller, suspense, romance, and


3. Jannat kay Pattay:

This is one of the most famous and cherished Urdu novels by way of Nemrah Ahmed, who has a huge fan

following a few of the Yuth. The novel follows the adventures of Haya, a contemporary and assured girl

who’s reading in Turkey. She receives worried about a cybercrime case and has to hide her identification

and are searching for protection from a mysterious person named Jayien. The novel is full of twists and

turns, humor and romance, motion and emotion.

4. Namal:

This is every other extraordinary novel using Nemrah Ahmed, who has a knack for growing complicated

and intriguing plots. The novel is primarily based on the story of a family feud that spans three

generations. The novel has a couple of characters and subplots which might be interlinked with each

different. The novel is a curler coaster trip of emotions, surprises, secrets and techniques, and


5. Abdullah:

This is one of the maximum acclaimed and award-triumphing Urdu novels by way of Hashim Nadeem,

who’s a famous novelist and screenwriter. The novel is a love story of Abdullah and Zohra, who belong to

extraordinary religions and cultures. The novel depicts their warfare to triumph over the obstacles of

society and religion, and their quest to discover actual love and peace.

6. La-Hasil:

This is some other brilliant novel with the aid of Umera Ahmed, who has a flair for writing realistic and

relatable stories. The novel is ready Khadija, a British girl who converts to Islam after falling in love with

Mazhar, a Pakistani boy. However, she faces rejection and betrayal from her circle of relatives and

society and ends up in a depressing situation. The novel indicates how Khadija unearths wish and

happiness in Allah’s mercy and forgiveness.

7. Umrao Jan Ada:

This is one of the classic and legendary Urdu novels using Mir Hadi Ruswa, who is taken into

consideration as one of the pioneers of Urdu fiction. The novel is based totally on the life of Umrao Jan

Ada, a famous courtesan, and poetess of Lucknow in the nineteenth century. The novel narrates her

tragic and fascinating tale of affection, loss, betrayal, and survival.

8. Mirat ul Uroos:

This is one of the oldest and most influential Urdu novels by means of Deputy Nazeer Ahmed, who

become a distinguished social reformer and educator. The novel is a moral tale of two sisters, Akbari and

Asghari, who’ve contrasting personalities and existence. The novel indicates how their selections affect

their destiny and their families.

9. Raja Gidh:

This is one of the most profound and philosophical Urdu novels through Bano Qudsia, who was a

legendary creator and thinker. The novel is about Qayyum, a younger man who suffers from

schizophrenia and falls in love with Seemi, a lovely but selfish woman. The novel explores the concepts

of insanity, love, morality, and metaphysics in an allegorical manner.

10. Aag Ka Darya:

This is one of the most epic and ambitious Urdu novels by using Qurratulain Hyder, who was a master

storyteller and historian. The novel spans over two thousand years of Indian records and lifestyle, via the

lives of four characters who reincarnate in exclusive eras. The novel is a masterpiece of historical fiction

and literary artwork.

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